By holding a No Standing 416 NFT, you are part of an intimate community that will receive future benefits as the business continues to grow. Whether it be future job opportunities, early access to platforms or games, giveaways or access, we will strive to put the community first and create value in perpetuity for those who have supported us.

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No Standing NFT Overview

The No Standing 416 is a private, invite-only collective of 416 investors, traders, thought leaders & partners who are innovating and building in Web 3.0.


Our goal is to build a high-value community of key thought leaders and esteemed individuals who strive to pave and lead the way in Web 3.0, while creating additional opportunities for those looking to trade, build, collaborate or learn.


Access to an experienced team with backgrounds in business, marketing, product/web development, design, advertising and more.

Access to an exclusive network of highly profitable investors, traders, thought leaders, founders and community leaders

Access to all No Standing future whitelist & allowlist opportunities (incl. No Standing and affiliated partner projects)

First access to all No Standing & partner events

Access to custom community tools and bots

Exclusive discounts with approved partners

Early access to internal updates, alpha and potential opportunities

Additional utility to be developed over time

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