No Standing Add Shrapnel To Our Growing Web3 Portfolio

We’re proud to share we are working with SHRAPNEL to assist with Web3 Marketing & Strategy, raising awareness about their Operator’s NFT collection and blockchain game. 

SHRAPNEL is the world’s first blockchain-enabled first-person shooter (FPS) game, built on the Avalanche network and developed by a BAFTA and Emmy Awards-winning team of game industry veterans behind blockbuster franchises such as HaloCall of Duty and Star Wars.

We recently shared a mega-thread to our Twitter account, which provides an overview of the project, including information on the future gameroadmap and the NFT utility. 

At No Standing, we’re earning a reputation in the space, working on growth strategies for Web3 games and projects. Our team is on the ground, with ties to many “alpha” communities and individuals, allowing us to strategically promote the project to community members of high value in the space who are known for supporting reputable projects. By spreading awareness to these communities, it supports projects to create a valuable community who have invested.  

Head of Web3, Cleaves, shared more details on their first NFT drop (Operators) and some collaborators, including Bored Elon MuskEthlizardWGMI Media, and Neo Tokyo Code.     

No Standing looks to arrange in-depth discussions with the SHRAPNEL team and our communities, along with promotional activity within the gaming and crypto-native space. When marketing for blockchain games, we partner with influencers and thought leaders to increase the project’s reach while generating valuable content which can be repurposed and shared across multiple mediums.  

The Operators NFT is in its third week after successfully launching to whitelisted members on the 7th of June, selling out the ANIKI collection in unparalleled time after the public mint went live on the 9th. After another successful drop of the ‘M’ collection last week, the next drop Hassan goes live to the public at the end of this week, while the rest of the schedule follows:   

SHRAPNEL is changing the way we look at FPS games and the play-to-earn (P2E) landscape. We could not be more thrilled to support them by working across blockchain gaming marketing strategies, supporting their journey as users and builders.  

To learn more, check out their website, follow the NFT collection mint on their Opensea and join their active community on Discord. 

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