Australian NFT Project, Salty Pirate Crew Explodes Into The NFT Market.

All Aboard! Salty Pirate Crew Sets Sail In The NFT Market.

Last month, Salty Pirate Crew (SPC) launched full force into the Web 3.0 ecosystem, releasing its first Non Fungible Token (NFT) project: a collection of 3,000 computer-generated Salty Pirate Crew NFT artworks. With national support from some A-list celebs, the launch proved mass success! 

About the Salty Pirate Crew collection

The Genesis Collection features 3,000 individually designed pirate NFT artworks, each with their own unique traits. From eye patches and cigars to zombie skin and space suits, each token presents an authentic synthesis of the mythical pirate character with the transformative digital age.

Part of the reason why SPC stood out among the mass of NFT projects flooding the Web 3.0 space at the moment is that it was produced by a fully doxxed team of marketers, computer engineers, and entrepreneurs – a rare formation in the NFT space. It was here that Salty Pirate Crew partnered with No Standing to help elevate the pre-launch hype surrounding the NFT collection and administer a sustainable marketing strategy that would provide ongoing value for the community.

No Standing’s role in the Salty Pirate Crew NFT launch

Working closely with the SPC team, our Web 3.0 department guided the community development and engagement through a strategic and dynamic approach. In utilising existing networks in the Web 3.0 space alongside our traditional marketing expertise, we were able to generate effective awareness of the project in both the crypto-native and traditional ecosystems. This resulted in sticky engagement through digital activations such as a virtual party, multiple treasure hunts, and cross-project community involvement for holders of the digital assets.

As an integrative agency, we strive to create value for both the physical and digital worlds, and part of this is knowing the importance of creating and fostering valuable relationships with influential brands and individuals. As such, we engaged with existing concept leaders, brands and artists to effectively create additional value for the SPC community.

Our Brand Partnerships team secured strong backing from influential culture portal, Life Without Andy, and Aussie-owned seltzer company, Hard Fizz, to help bring the SPC Launch Party to life and prompt further circulation on social media. With the help of these brand partners, SPC hosted a party in their very own custom-built metaverse, dubbed “the Pirateverse”. Complete with live DJ performances from Richy Penny and Scott (Cleaves) Cleaver, people from the general public joined in, creating their very own avatar on entry, and were able to virtually interact with others within the space.

Upon launch, our PR team expanded the SPC reach through curated press release dissemination across multiple NFT-oriented platforms such as Stock Head & Aus Biz, tapping into readerships that exceed a total of 800k/month. Beyond this, SPC secured an interview on influential global news broadcaster Ticker News, with an estimated monthly audience of 80million. By targeting such a large and expansive demographic of individuals, both familiar participants in the NFT world, NFT creators, and non-participants, we were able to open up a welcoming space for anyone interested in the world of NFT trading.

Salty Pirate Crew sets sail

The SPC Public Sale was released at 0.06 ETH per pirate ($210 AUD/each at the time of posting) and sold out in just 2 hours for a total of 180 ETH ($633k AUD). To say the launch was a success would be an incredible understatement, with over 360 ETH in NFT trading volume on the secondary market at the time of posting.

Salty Pirate Crew was trending on the front page of OpenSea (a peer-to-peer marketplace for NFTs) and Icy.Tools (an NFT analytics platform), generating even more traction to the NFT collection. In the first 48 hours post launch, over $1 million in secondary sales took place, with the Secondary Price trading at an ultimate high of 0.42 ETH ($1800 AUD), 7x the initial investment.

There are now over 900 individual holders of SPC tokens, with less than 8% of the NFT collection available for sale on the secondary market. Among these token holders are some high profile names in Australian sports and entertainment, including music producers What So NotLucille Croft and Luude, former Australian Masterchef contestant Hayden Quinn, and professional rugby league players Cody Walker and Latrell Mitchell, among others.

X marks the spot

With many publics unsure about the viability of digital assets, the safety of NFT marketplaces, and a general lack of education surrounding Web 3.0, the SPC project was driven by the vision to create an inclusive and supportive community that gives anyone an opportunity to participate. Our team initiated a strategic approach that tactfully uncovered the best avenue for audience procurement by targeting relevant sectors where awareness would be maximised.

Working alongside our Influencer Marketing, PR and Brand Partnerships departments at No Standing, our Web 3.0 team skillfully acquired multiple markets, introducing both familiar and unfamiliar individuals to the SPC community. Our efforts to invite key audiences to the emerging community with sell-out success has ultimately allowed SPC to mark its spot within the competing NFT marketplaces. 

Interested in keeping up with the Salty Pirate Crew? Follow them on Twitter or join Discord.

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