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We know how to build brands. We’re a team of innovative thinkers and expert creators who value a big picture perspective. We’ll bring you an end-to-end technology solution and marketing strategy to help take your vision to the future – the Web 3.0 future.

Working in collaboration every step of the way, we’ll help you amplify your business value with a detailed framework that encompasses the whole power of Web 3.0. We’ll tackle all relevant go-to-market strategies, implement calculated commercialisation, Web 3.0 marketing techniques, and offer strategic consulting based on your brand goals, from start to finish.

Community is at the core of everything we do. We’ll help you create, maintain and develop a high-value community to achieve your desired goals. Our team of community leaders are Discord experts, with the ability to build gamified servers, create custom bots, provide always-on moderation and assist with ongoing community development. We’ll pair this with strategic collaborations and partnerships with established Web 3.0 communities that build trust among your audience and add value to your brand.

In a space where no idea is too offbeat, any narrative is possible. Our team of innovative shapeshifters merge creativity with artistry and strategy to forge anomalous designs that stand out among the crowd. With your objectives at the forefront, we’ll guide your vision with experienced website UI & UX developers to bring your brand to life. We’ll deliver storyline and Lore development, as well as the production of communication guidelines for online platforms.

Smart Contracts are the backbone of Web 3.0 and are essential to all blockchain projects. Our team has a demonstrated history of successful smart contract development across all major blockchains and protocols. Whether you require trait rarities, minting dApps, staking pools or wanting to build something new and innovative, we’ll help you construct, optimise, audit and publish the appropriate code for your project, whilst ensuring royalties flow to your wallet in perpetuity.

With our history of digital marketing (both in Web 2.0 & Web 3.0), we’ll help your brand reach maximum exposure with integrative influencer marketing strategies implemented across all iterations of the Web. We’ll take care of all outreach promotions, acquiring connections with influential people and brands with relevance to your target audience, securing both interim and long-lasting collaborations to elevate your brand reach.

When it comes to existing in the metaverse, hype and exclusivity are invaluable. Digital activations are one of the best ways to retain excitement around your project, offer memorable experiences, generate wider interest, and in turn, increase your project value. Whether it be hosting a virtual party or conducting scavenger hunts for your NFT project, we’ll guide the planning, construction and execution of your virtual activations.

When launching a project in the world of Web 3.0, penetrating as many relevant markets as possible gives your brand the best chance to obtain new user bases. With our expansive relationships, both in and out of the Web 3.0 realm, we can connect your brand, product or initiative with the right people to grow your community. Beyond this, we can also set you up with relevant sponsorships to help launch your project into the Web 3.0 world at full force.

Successful Projects

We’ve partnered with many businesses to help them navigate their entry into Web 3.0 and successfully expand their digital strategy into new territories. Here is just a glimpse at some of the players we’ve helped take to new heights.

Our Partners

Iron sharpens iron. We work with the best of the best to deliver better results for you.

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Who We Are

At No Standing we’ve been involved in the world of Web 3.0 for a long time, both as users and creators. We’re a team of doers, thinkers and shapeshifters, merging our many expertise to guide brands on their journey to the Metaverse.

Our depth of knowledge and breadth of experience allows us to create and execute advanced strategies to target users across all stages of their crypto journey. Whether it’s a first time NFT buyer or experienced De-Fi degenerate, we have a proven track record of engaging audiences and providing value to any project or community.

From our strategy-driven Web 3.0 marketing approach to our out-of-the-box creative brains, our team of innovative thinkers bring a fresh perspective to every project. With no stone left unturned, we push the boundaries to give every initiative the opportunity to reach its full potential.

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Why Work With Us?

Whether you’ve got a big idea you need developed, or you’re looking to get your hands dirty in the world of Web 3.0, we’ve got the tools and the expertise to drive your brand to success.

Maximise your potential, achieve growth, and step into the future.

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