FC Barcelona

Sports Fan Engagement with FCB

In the era of digital transformation, innovative marketing strategies are paramount to engaging a global audience. Recognizing this, FC Barcelona engaged No Standing to assist in harnessing the online community building capabilities of Discord, to connect with their worldwide fanbase in a new, unique and first-of-its-kind way.

Client: FC Barcelona

Our Challenge

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Community Development

FC Barcelona, a globally recognised football club, sought to leverage modern digital platforms to further engage and grow their worldwide fan community. The challenge was to engage in online community building to provide fans a space for open communication, to foster a sense of community, and to build a stronger foundation in women’s football. The goal of this Web3 sports project was to launch a new community channel within Discord, and achieve significant growth and engagement, whilst maintaining a safe and dynamic environment for their global fanbase.

Our Fan Engagement Strategy

To achieve our goals, we implemented a detailed fan engagement strategy that involved round-the-clock moderation by a dedicated multilingual team proficient in English, Spanish, and Catalan. We organised various captivating events, competitions, and activities to maintain an active community. Furthermore, we took a proactive approach by actively seeking and integrating feedback from community members to ensure constant enhancement and positive community sentiment.

Our Results

We received a comprehensive and overwhelmingly positive response to our sports fan engagement and community initiative. In just the first month, we witnessed extraordinary growth, with over 70k members joining the server! The Discord server rapidly evolved into a vibrant hub for FC Barcelona fans, showcasing high levels of engagement, activity, and community spirit. Despite the large scale of the operation, our team successfully managed the community dynamics, maintaining a healthy and safe environment.

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